What are Gift Card Receipts?

Gift card receipt

Gift card receipt is  given to a buyer of a gift card from any gift card store.
Have you ever asked yourself why receipts are most times requested before a card is being redeemed?
Receipts are very significant to redeem a card, with receipt a digital exchange verifies if the card serial number tallies with the receipt.

Aside from the Serial number they're other details needed to be thoroughly checked by any digital exchange before he proceeds to redeem any card.
The details are listed below:

  • Serial number
  • Date of purchase 
  • Amount of the card
  • Type of receipt 

Gitf card receipt

Serial Number 
From the image above the serial number is the code ending at 8249. The four digits must correspond or match with the serial number in a card.
The serial number of the card having this receipt must end with 8249.

Type of Receipt
We have various types of receipts, cash receipt, debit receipt, activation receipt and credit card receipt. Click here to read more about types of gift card receipts

For some cards like amazon or vanilla cards, the type of receipt determines the rate of the card. 
Before a digital exchange gives out rates for these cards, receipts are requested first, most especially amazon cards. The digital exchange verifies the receipt to know the type, amount and date of purchase, then the digital exchange verifies if the receipt has a serial number. Having confirmed all these important details, any digital exchange can comfortably give rates.

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