All You Need to Know About Gift Card Rates

Gift card rate means the market rate of a particular Gift Card.
In any type of Gift Card, the rates are diversified into denominations or the face value of a particular Gift Card. Such as $20, $25, $50, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 or more.
Although in some cards the rates based on denominations are relatively the same. While in most cards the rate varies with the face values.

Why Card Rates Fluctuates

Most of us must have been contemplating why rates are not always stable. Perhaps you sold iTunes card face value of  $100 at N34,000 today, tomorrow you are getting N32,000, this could be very disheartening, your plans for the money would just be shattered.
Some customers might decide to keep the card while expecting the rates to bounce back the next day. Sometimes it might be the same, higher or even lower.
This is very exasperating! The huge question now is why does card rates fluctuate?

They are two major reasons why Gift Card Rates are not stable.

  • Demand and Supply Law
    In Economics, Demand can be defined as
    consumer's desire to purchase goods and services and willingness to pay a price for a specific good or service.

    This definition is applicable in Gift Card transactions because gift cards are goods while the process of the transaction are services.
    The rate of a particular Gift Card increases whenever there is more Demand for the card worldwide.
    The high demand for any card reflects on the rates of the card on good digital exchange like
    For instance the rate of Apple Gift Cards are soaring currently because there's more demand for it.

  • Company Policies
    The company to be discussed here represents not or any other digital exchange company but the company that owns a gift card.

    For instance Apple, If Apple changes their terms, laws or policies that would result negatively to their Gift Card consumers, there would be less demand for the card. Therefore the rate would drop rapidly.

    Also if Steampowered updates some policies that consumers of their goods and services do not appreciate, it would reflect on their Gift card rate because less people would be patronising them. The demand for their Gift Card would drop.

    Nevertheless, Card Rate does not remain volatile for a very long time like crypto tokens.
    Every company's principal goal is to make profit, therefore when companies notice a decline in their card purchase, they strategize to the benefit of their consumer.
    That's why no Gift Card Rates remain extremely low for a very long time. After a while it bounces back to normal.

How to Know Gift Cards with High Rates

There's always deep joy in one's heart if his available Gift Card has a very good rate at the moment. Good card rate enables one to make a cool cash from a particular trade.

In fact everyone wants the card having the best rate.
Some customers would search in a digital exchange before they get a card, working with the available information they obtained from the digital exchange.
To their disappointment, the moment they have the card, the rate would drop ridiculously.
The huge question that's unfathomable to many who are not firstbit customers is
How Do I know the best card to buy?

To get the best card to buy is easy if you are at the right platform.
At, every customer is guided on the Gift Cards that have the best rate at the moment and the ones that are likely to bounce back soon.

We give the best card to purchase based on the denomination.
We know the best card to buy from 300- 500 denomination, 200 denomination, 100 denomination, 50 denomination and even as low as 20 or 25 denomination.
We provide regular updates to all our customers.

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