3 Things You Need to Know About Gift card Receipts

Gift card receipt

In this article, we will reveal 3 importance details about gift card receipt. Click here to read the introductory article on gift card receipts.

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      1.  Why Is Gift Cards Receipts Important?
        A receipt is very vital to any good digital exchange like firstbit.com.ng because it aids in redeeming cards.
        The major benefits are listed below.

        • It helps to determine the rate of some cards like amazon gift cards and sometimes Vanilla / Visa gift cards.
        • It helps to reveal the actual amount of the card. 
        • It helps to confirm if the card tallies with a receipt for easier redeeming. 
        • It helps to know the actual purchase date of the card
      2. Gift Card Receipt is a Prerequisite to Redeem some cards
        You might have been trading a lot of cards for years without any vendor requesting for receipt first before redeeming your gift card. 

        This is because not all cards need a receipt to redeem the card. Cards like iTunes, Apple cards, Steam Cards, Sephora cards, Nordstrom cards, eBay cards and many other cards in most cases do not need a receipt to redeem those cards.
        In these cards, any digital exchange would specify the rate for the cards without demanding a receipt.

        Nevertheless, there are some gift cards that require receipts to redeem those cards.
        The major one is amazon cards.

        To redeem any Amazon card receipt is very significant. That's why a digital exchange request for receipts first before demanding amazon cards.

        The rate for amazon cards depends on the type of receipt.
        Cash Receipt has the highest rate for amazon cards.
        Debit and Credit receipt are lower than Cash receipt. Click here to read about different types of receipts.

      3. Revealing the Details on the Receipt Will Not Take Away your Funds
        The scratched code on a card is what's needed to redeem successfully. Without these codes, a card cannot be redeemed.
        Other details are only needed for confirmation of the card and to avoid restrictions. 

        Firstbit requests for cards containing the code only when a customer has accepted the rate and is willing to send.
        At Firstbit.com.ng customers are always willing to send cards because they enjoy top-notch services. Firstbit dignifies every customer and is transparent in every transaction.

      At Firstbit.com.ng, you get the best rate for all cards including  Amazon cards.
      At firstbit, we redeem cards smoothly and swiftly, knowing that customers need money ASAP.

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